Over 50% shades of grey in Transit vote turnout

Elections BC released voting information from the transit referendum, er, plebiscite.

The published turnout rate ranges from a low of 36.24% among 25-34 year olds to 64.71% among 65-74 year olds.  This is consistent with the 2013 provincial election in terms of older people voting at a higher rate than younger people.

Why are 18-24s voting at a higher rate than 25-34s?  They’re not.  Turnout rate is based on % of registered voters but fewer 18-24s are registered to vote.  Base it on actual population and you will see a lower number.  Turnout typically peaks at 65-74 age then declines post 75, though still high relative to under 50 crowd.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.15.26 PM

It’s interesting to see the share of voters from each age group – this is more important.  Over 47% of the transit vote was over age of 55.  They are punching above their census weight while the opposite is true of younger voters.  About one-third of voters were under age of 44.

Bear this in mind when reading the polls.  Parties or candidates with high support in 18-34s may not sustain that support on Election Day while parties with strong support among plus 55s can surprise.  Where have I heard that before?


  1. Tourism in Wayne must really be booming because I was there myself earlier this month. In fact, the Rosedeer Hotel seems to have become a motorcyclist destination – absolutely packed. The railroad tracks you mentioned have just been pulled up. 100 years of rail history has disappeared. Thanks for your comments.



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