This is my personal blog where I write mainly about politics – BC, Canada, and international.  Views are my own, and my blog posts usually combine an historical perspective and data.

My bio:

Relationship-builder, wordsmith, numbers guy, strategist … Mike brings these skills together for our clients to help them have a constructive two-way conversation with the public and key audiences.

Mike is a Partner and Chief Strategy Officer with Kirk & Co. where he has led projects, developed comprehensive communications plans, and provided strategic insight for clients since 2013.

Complementing his work at Kirk & Co., Mike is a Senior Research Associate with Pollara Strategic Insights, a market research and public opinion research firm.

Mike led Christy Clark’s winning leadership campaign team in 2011, led her transition team, and served as Chief of Staff to the Premier, the most senior political appointee in the BC government. During his time as Chief of Staff, the BC Jobs Plan was launched and a foundation laid for sustained balanced budgets and the highest performing economy in Canada.

He led the BC Liberal Party’s 2013 election campaign. With a great team, he helped build a campaign strategy that executed a come-from-behind victory, hailed as “stunning” and a “win for the ages” by Canadian news outlets.

He returned to the position of Chief of Staff in June 2017 to lead the Premier’s Office during a volatile and uncertain time in BC’s political history.

A graduate of the University of British Columbia, previous experience includes serving as a researcher for the United Native Nations, an Intern at BC’s Legislative Assembly, Special Assistant to Mayor Gordon Campbell at the City of Vancouver, and managing his successful leadership campaign for the BC Liberal Party in 1993. He served in the Premier’s Office under Campbell, and as Director of Communications to the Government Caucus. He is an experienced focus group moderator and has led major public opinion research projects across Canada.

Mike is a lifelong British Columbian. Born in Haney (try to find that on a map), he grew up in the Fraser Valley, lived on Vancouver Island for 20 years, and is now lodged firmly in the City of Vancouver. Mike has a passion for the Fraser Canyon and will talk your ear off about it if you give him the chance.

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      1. Thought maybe you’d enjoy mine:


        Today I woke up to the very sad news about my long time friend and former colleague, Clive Tanner, passing away in the company of his loving family in his Sidney, BC home.

        I first met Clive in 1991 shortly after the BCLiberals won 17 seats in the BC Legislature. It was the beginning of a new era in BC politics and in my life, and his life as well.

        He will be remembered as a blunt and honest man who just felt the need to say what needed to be said. He often shocked and almost scared people, but I enjoyed both those traits. I found them challenging and refreshing at the same time. Being placed to work side by side with him after his election was probably a very good thing. Few had ever met anyone quite like that! With me he met his match!

        I grew to discover a lot about him and all of that helped me to understand and appreciate the person within. He was kind, gentle, helpful, dependable and reliable. He was loyal to his wife, family, and friends and determined in his quest to turn Sidney into a book town.

        I will always remember how excited he was to learn that I play billiards. He loved billiards but nobody wanted to play with him. I accepted the challenge and was determined to not go easy on him. He lost game after game after game. He was so surprised and bothered by this, yet never gave up.

        One day he met someone in Sidney who was a semi-pro in billiards. He asked the guy for some tips and then asked the guy for some lessons. For weeks he offered no game time to me and I thought he had lost interest. Then, months later, he challenged me to a game. He had a huge smile on his face and ‘let’ me go first. Once he got his turn, there was no stopping him. He sunk ball after ball after ball, and even used some trick shots rebounding off two sides before the sink.

        I was speechless and just had to sit down. The transformation was amazing and then he sat beside me to explain. I could only honestly tell him how impressed I was because I was truly impressed — not only that he played so very well, but that he went out to get help dealing with something he knew he could overcome.

        Whether it was giving help or getting help — that was Clive Tanner. A great man, a great friend … a man who got the most out of life boldly and bravely, and with determination and conviction every step of the way.

        RIP Clive Tanner — thank you for enjoying our friendship.



  1. I learn about you from your radio interview CKNW.

    Very interesting point of view. I never thought Trump had a chance.

    I feel that CKNW hosts are biased, they only talk about Trump’s bad stuff but in fact both candidates have bad stuff to talk about.

    I don’t like either candidate but feel that the media is not being fair, it’s like they want to shape public opinion.

    Thanks for your coverage, hope to hear more from you at CKNW.



  2. Mike, I think we took an East Asia Poli sci class at UBC many years ago and you got me to run for liberal youth leadership in surrey for Jean Chretien. Enjoying reading your blog. Good to see you are doing well.



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