The Rosedeer name

The Rosedeer name reaches back a century to the Drumheller Valley and the Rose-Deer coal mine.  The Rose-Deer mine opened in 1912 and operated for about 20 years in Wayne, near Drumheller.

Mike’s grandfather, Mac McDonald, bought the mine and, while the family moved west to BC, the Rosedeer name remained long after the mine closed as Mac’s operating company.

Mike named his communications and public affairs practice “Rosedeer Strategies Inc.” as a tribute to his grandparents decision to “go west” from Eastern Canada and forge a new life in often unforgiving times.


Wayne, Alberta circa 1930s


  1. I enjoy your thoughtful, comprehensive and easy to read posts. I hope high school history teachers around the province include your site on curriculum lists: you provide a very worthy B.C. point of view.



  2. I took the kids to Drumheller two years ago and absolutely loved it! Very cool backstory to your name, and taking cues from your blog format as I look to set one up soon, Mike’s always been a good mentor!



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